Pouria Parhizkar

Software Engineer

E-commerce Expert

Pouria Parhizkar

Software Engineer

E-commerce Expert


Pouria is an excellent software engineer and e-commerce expert from Iran, with a rich decade-long experience in this area. An expert in several programming languages, databases, and software development practices.

Pouria, who is dedicated to his learning and mastering the latest tools that might keep him relevant to his line of his works, is a great team player bringing unmatched communication as well as problem-solving skills in e-commerce or web development projects.


Besides his experiences in the field of software engineering and e-commerce, Pouria Parhizkar is an experienced faculty member. He is currently an online instructor in the fields of web development and the launching of an e-commerce business.

Pouria has worked with well-known and respected Eurasian companies, ensuring the successful design and implementation of a variety of online businesses as a Senior Software Engineer and E-Commerce Specialist. Its core participation was important in most problem-solving e-commerce sites on unorthodox approaches due to WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify skills.

Pouria perfectly performs in the sphere of market analysis, monitors new possibilities, and is aware of constant changes in the industry. This is why he collaborates with cross-functional teams seamlessly, ensuring deliverables of a project are fully executed as per defined specifications.


He is an honor graduate with excellent educational qualifications from some top-ranking university programs in computer science and entrepreneurship.

His Bachelor's degree was in Computer Science, and a Master's degree was in Entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on e-commerce, from the University of Tehran in Iran. Perceived as perhaps the most elite and top educational center in Iran, with wide global recognition, he further honed his skills in e-commerce and appreciation for managing organizations characterized by business methods from that place due to his exceptional academic records.

In the meantime, apart from due accolades paying back to his alma mater, the University of Tehran, Pouria pursued a Master's in Software Engineering course at Kazan Federal University in Russia—said to be one of the best universities of that country, richly described and dating from the Soviet era to modern-day existence.

Summing it up, the educational qualifications of Pouria point out a very good understanding of computer sciences with specialization in the area of e-commerce, and he certainly emerges as quite suitable for the posts needing competencies to be dual-fold—both in technology and business.

University of Tehran
M.A. in Entrepreneurship
Kazan State University
M.S in Software Engineering

Pouria Parhizkar's pursuit of excellence is marked by obtaining key certifications that showcase his skills across digital marketing, data analytics, programming, and web development:

  • Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate 
  • Google Business Intelligence Professional Certificate 
  • Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate 

These certifications demonstrate Pouria's dedication to continuous learning and his capability to significantly contribute to any organization in the tech industry.


Pouria Parhizkar has brightened up in a few spheres of his activity. He has strong support to boast of in the next key feats:

  • Consultation by the Federation of Body Building and Physical Fitness Association: These are offers whereby the specialist advises sportsmen and other people who work on fitness issues on how to secure training places, thereby completing those achieved targets for athletes.
  • He serves as a physical fitness coach for the Iran National Judo Team at the Asian Championship, introducing customized training programs that advance athlete performance to help them reach their optimal ability.
  • He had volunteered to work with the Mahak Charity for Children with Cancer, offering his devotion to influence helpfully the lives of children suffering from this disease, and their families, through fundraising and awareness campaigns — in this manner, providing the crucial assistance to all those so affected by such a formidable illness.

Pouria Parhizkar is involved in many hobbies, sports, and other leisure activities for the enrichment of the individual. A summary of the areas of interest can include:

  • Half Marathon: His commitment to finishing races enhances both his physical health and mental resilience.
  • Nature Exploration: His passion for hiking allows him to enjoy the beauty of nature and develop skills of tenacity and problem-solving.
  • Chess: As an ardent chess player, Parhizkar nurtures strategic thinking, adaptability, and the ability to make quick decisions.
  • Philosophy: Interested in expanding his worldview and enhancing critical thinking, he engages deeply with philosophical ideas and texts.
  • Guitar Playing: Through expressive guitar playing, Parhizkar skillfully develops self-discipline, patience, and creativity.
  • Movies: A lover of biographies and psychological thrillers, he delves into complex stories and explores various facets of the human psyche in his leisure time.
Road Runner
Nature Hiker
Chess Player
Guitar Player

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