Pouria Parhizkar

Software Enginner

eCommerce Developer

Pouria Parhizkar

Software Enginner

eCommerce Developer


Pouria Parhizkar, a distinguished software engineer and e-commerce developer hailing from Iran, offers a rich mix of experience and skills, accumulated over a decade. He is proficient in a wide range of programming languages, databases, and software development methodologies.

His dedication to continual learning and staying updated with cutting-edge technologies guarantees his consistent relevance in the industry. Pouria's exceptional communication and teamwork capabilities, combined with his robust problem-solving skills, position him as a valuable contributor to any software development or e-commerce initiative.


Pouria Parhizkar, an adept software engineer and e-commerce specialist, boasts a robust track record of accomplishments within the technology industry. With over a decade of experience, Pouria has carved out a niche for himself, becoming an in-demand professional in software engineering and e-commerce development.

His multifaceted skill-set extends beyond engineering and e-commerce; Pouria is also a seasoned online educator. He has crafted and facilitated a range of online courses covering topics such as software engineering and e-commerce development.

Over his illustrious career, Pouria has occupied various roles in multiple prestigious Eurasian companies. These include positions such as Senior Software Engineer and E-Commerce Developer, where he has efficiently designed and deployed software applications using a wide spectrum of programming languages.

Pouria's influence has been critical in developing and maintaining a multitude of e-commerce sites, leveraging popular platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify.

He consistently demonstrates his ability to perform market research, pinpoint new opportunities, and stay abreast of industry trends. Pouria's collaborative efforts with cross-functional teams have ensured the successful delivery of software adhering to predefined specifications.


Pouria Parhizkar has an impressive academic background with multiple degrees in computer science and entrepreneurial management from various institutions.

He was awarded a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Master's degree in Entrepreneurial Management, specializing in e-business, from the University of Tehran in Iran, where he graduated with honors. This period was instrumental in refining his e-commerce expertise and understanding of managing businesses in the digital era.

Beyond his education at the University of Tehran, Pouria also holds a Master's degree in Software Engineering from Kazan Federal University in Russia, where he completed courses in software design, programming languages, and database systems.

In summary, Pouria's academic credentials highlight his robust knowledge in computer science and mastery in e-business, positioning him as a potent contender for roles demanding a blend of technical and business expertise.

University of Tehran
M.A. in Entrepreneurial Management
Kazan State University
M.S in Software Engineering

Pouria Parhizkar, with an extensive professional background and a solid academic foundation, has cultivated a unique set of competencies in multiple areas:

Technical Skills:

  • Demonstrates proficiency in diverse software development, with a command of programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, and Python.
  • Showcases expertise in front-end development, employing HTML, CSS, SASS, and LESS to design visually appealing and user-focused interfaces.
  • Proficient in efficient data storage and retrieval, leveraging database management systems like MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL.

Web Development and E-commerce:

  • Excels in e-commerce website development, maintenance, and optimization, with proficiency in platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, specifically focusing on improving online marketing performance.
  • Experienced in designing RESTful APIs and integrating third-party services and APIs to enhance website functionality and user experience.

Online Marketing Strategies:

  • Proficient in the implementation and optimization of online marketing strategies, including SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media advertising, and content marketing.
  • Familiar with web analytics tools, enabling him to track and analyze website performance metrics and user behavior, thus supporting data-driven decision making.

Project Management and Agile Methodologies:

  • Knowledgeable in agile development methodologies, such as Scrum and Kanban, promoting iterative progress, flexibility, and collaboration.
  • Experienced with project management tools like JIRA, Trello, and Asana, facilitating effective task tracking and resource allocation.

Problem Solving and Analytical Skills:

  • Displays robust problem-solving and analytical skills, ensuring quick and effective resolution of technical problems.

Communication and Teamwork:

  • Praised for excellent communication and teamwork skills, evident in successful collaboration with cross-functional teams to achieve business goals and deliver high-quality results.
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Google Analytics
  • Yandex Metrica
  • Content Marketing
  • eMail Marketing
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Java Script
  • Python
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SASS
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL

Pouria Parhizkar is a professional with a broad and varied background, with key roles and contributions summarized as follows:

  • As a Researcher in Entrepreneurship, Parhizkar demonstrated his exceptional competencies by conducting impactful research for renowned organizations. His insights were crucial in shaping effective strategies to promote entrepreneurship.
  • As a Volunteer at Mahak Charity for Children with Cancer, Parhizkar dedicated his efforts to fundraising and awareness campaigns, offering support to children and families battling the hardships of cancer.
  • In his capacity as a Physical Fitness Coach for the Iran National Judo Team at the Asian Championship, Parhizkar leveraged his expertise in fitness, supervising training regimens and designing custom programs to boost the athletes' performance.
  • Serving as an Advisor for the Bodybuilding Federation and Physical Fitness Association, Parhizkar utilized his passion for fitness to provide guidance to athletes and fitness buffs, helping them optimize their training routines and reach their personal fitness objectives.
  • As a Master Guitar Teacher, Parhizkar's extensive experience stands out. Catering to a diverse set of students across various age brackets and skill levels, he created a supportive and encouraging learning atmosphere that stimulated their musical development.

Pouria Parhizkar has an impressive record of devising and distributing a plethora of online training modules in e-commerce and web development. These all-encompassing courses, accessible to anyone with an internet connection, cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • The Google Analytics Course: This course provides learners with insights into using Google Analytics to track website traffic, measure user engagement, and improve website performance.
  • The Google Tag Manager Course: This course equips learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to use Google Tag Manager for managing website tags and designing customized tracking solutions.
  • The Google Data Studio Course: This course helps learners utilize Google Data Studio to create visually appealing reports and dashboards that consolidate website performance data.
  • The Online Entrepreneurship Course: This meticulously designed course instructs learners on launching and growing an online business, with a focus on essential areas such as market analysis, product innovation, and digital marketing.
  • The Business Model Course: This course assists learners in developing a profitable and sustainable business model, discussing crucial elements like revenue streams, cost structures, and value propositions.
  • The JavaScript Programming Language Course: This course directs learners on using JavaScript to build interactive and dynamic websites, exploring concepts like variables, functions, and control structures.
  • The HTML and CSS Course: This module trains learners on how to utilize HTML and CSS to construct visually pleasing and user-friendly websites, elaborating on aspects like page layout, typography, and responsive design.

Pouria Parhizkar has consistently pushed the boundaries of his knowledge and professional skills, intricately aligning them with his academic ambitions.

His active involvement in prestigious educational programs and his successful achievement of qualifications from top-tier institutions testify to his commitment. His noteworthy certifications include:

Computer Certifications:

  • Computer Certification (Iran Technical and Vocational Organization): This certification proves Pouria's skill and expertise in computer hardware and software.
  • Web Design Certification (Iran Technical and Vocational Organization): Pouria's proficiency in web design and development, with a focus on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, is confirmed by this certification.
  • Digital Marketing Certification (Google): Pouria's expertise in digital marketing, encompassing SEO, social media marketing, and online advertising, is authenticated by this certification.
  • Google Analytics Certification: Pouria's comprehensive understanding of Google Analytics, a Google-provided web analytics service, is validated by this certification.
  • Introduction to Data Studio Certification (Google): This certification indicates Pouria's ability to create and customize reports and dashboards using Google Data Studio.

Sports Certifications:

  • General Conditioning Certification (Iran National Olympic Academy): This certification validates Pouria's ability to create and manage general conditioning programs for both athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
  • Bodybuilding Coaching Certification (Iran Bodybuilding Federation): This certification verifies Pouria's capability to design and execute bodybuilding programs for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
  • Physical Fitness Coaching Certification (Iran Physical Fitness Federation): This certification endorses Pouria's proficiency in developing and implementing physical fitness programs for individuals and groups across all age ranges and fitness levels.

In his personal time, Pouria Parhizkar indulges in a variety of hobbies and recreational activities, each contributing significantly to his personal development and enrichment:

  • Half-Marathon Runner: Pouria Parhizkar is a dedicated athlete, regularly participating in and completing half-marathons. This pursuit not only serves to maintain his physical health, but also to enhance his mental stamina and resilience.
  • Nature Enthusiast: As an avid hiker, Pouria Parhizkar relishes the opportunity to traverse different trails, a hobby which has cultivated his perseverance and problem-solving abilities.
  • Chess Strategist: Pouria Parhizkar is a proficient chess player, an activity that has sharpened his strategic and critical thinking skills. His adaptability, honed on the chessboard, is a testament to his capacity for quick decision-making under pressure.
  • Musical Artisan: In playing the guitar, Pouria Parhizkar exhibits a passionate commitment to self-expression through music. His musical pursuits underscore his discipline and patience, as well as his creative inclination.
  • Interested in philosophy: Pouria Parhizkar engages deeply with philosophical texts in his reading. This intellectual pursuit broadens his worldview and further refines his critical thinking skills.
Road Runner
Nature Hiker
Chess Player
Guitar Player

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