Pouria Parhizkar

Software Engineer

eCommerce Developer

Pouria Parhizkar

Software Engineer

eCommerce Developer


Pouria Parhizkar, a distinguished software engineer and e-commerce developer hailing from Iran, offers a rich mix of experience and skills, accumulated over a decade. He is proficient in a wide range of programming languages, databases, and software development methodologies.

His dedication to continual learning and staying updated with cutting-edge technologies guarantees his consistent relevance in the industry. Pouria's exceptional communication and teamwork capabilities, combined with his robust problem-solving skills, position him as a valuable contributor to any software development or e-commerce initiative.


Pouria Parhizkar, an accomplished software engineer and e-commerce specialist with over a decade of experience, is highly sought-after in the technology industry. In addition to his expertise in engineering and e-commerce, Pouria serves as an experienced online educator, offering courses in software engineering and e-commerce development.

Throughout his prestigious career in esteemed Eurasian companies, including roles as Senior Software Engineer and E-Commerce Developer, Pouria has efficiently designed and deployed software applications using a diverse array of programming languages. His influential role has been pivotal in developing and maintaining numerous e-commerce sites on platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify.

Consistently demonstrating his market research acumen, ability to identify new opportunities, and staying abreast of industry trends, Pouria collaborates effectively with cross-functional teams, ensuring the successful delivery of software per predefined specifications.


Pouria Parhizkar boasts an impressive academic background with multiple degrees in computer science and entrepreneurial management.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Master's degree in Entrepreneurial Management, specializing in e-business, from the University of Tehran in Iran. This educational journey, marked by honors, significantly contributed to refining his expertise in e-commerce and developing a profound understanding of managing businesses in the digital era.

In addition to his achievements at the University of Tehran, Pouria also earned a Master's degree in Software Engineering from Kazan Federal University in Russia. There, he completed coursework covering software design, programming languages, and database systems.

In summary, Pouria's academic accomplishments highlight his substantial knowledge in computer science and expertise in e-business, positioning him as a strong candidate for roles that demand a blend of technical and business acumen.

University of Tehran
M.A. in Entrepreneurial Management
Kazan State University
M.S in Software Engineering

Pouria Parhizkar possesses a versatile skill set, spanning technology and development. Proficient in graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop and JamBoard, he also has hands-on experience with database software like Airtable. Pouria excels in utilizing Blackboard software, remaining abreast of industry trends, and demonstrating expertise in GraphQL and Transact-SQL.

In development environments, Pouria adeptly navigates complexities using tools like Apache Kafka, Maven, and Subversion SVN. His familiarity with Oracle Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) showcases competence in enterprise-level development technologies.

Pouria excels in object-oriented development, demonstrating mastery in Apache Spark, Objective C, Scala, and TypeScript, aligning with industry standards. His proficiency extends to operating systems, covering Bash, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Server, and UNIX Shell, establishing him as an adaptable professional.

In web platform development, Pouria stands out by utilizing Bootstrap, React, Spring Framework, and Vue.js, meeting the demands of contemporary industry standards. His comprehensive skill set in graphic design, technology, sales, marketing, and cutting-edge technologies reflects a commitment to continuous learning and staying at the forefront of evolving technological landscapes.


Pouria Parhizkar, with a diverse background, has played pivotal roles and made significant contributions through various experiences:

  • Researcher in Entrepreneurship:
    Executed influential research, shaping effective strategies for entrepreneurship development.
  • Volunteer at Mahak Charity for Children with Cancer:
    Dedicated to fundraising and awareness campaigns, supporting children and families affected by cancer.
  • Physical Fitness Coach for Iran National Judo Team at Asian Championship:
    Applied fitness expertise, enhancing athlete performance through tailored training programs.
  • Advisor for Bodybuilding Federation and Physical Fitness Association:
    Provided guidance to athletes and fitness enthusiasts, optimizing training routines for individual fitness goals.
  • Online Teaching in Web Development and Online Business:
    Leveraging vast experience, Pouria Parhizkar offers online courses, delivering valuable insights and practical knowledge in web development and online business.

Pouria Parhizkar has consistently advanced his knowledge and professional skills, aligning them with academic ambitions. His active participation in prestigious educational programs and qualifications from top-tier institutions underscores his dedication. Key certifications include:

  • Digital Marketing: Google-certified in SEO, social media marketing, and online advertising.
  • Google Analytics: Certified for comprehensive understanding of Google Analytics.
  • Introduction to Computer Science: Completed Harvard's CS50 course, covering fundamental programming concepts.

In his leisure time, Pouria Parhizkar actively immerses himself in a diverse range of hobbies and recreational pursuits, each playing a pivotal role in nurturing his personal growth and enrichment:

  • Committed 10K Runner:
    Pouria Parhizkar, as a dedicated athlete, consistently engages in and successfully completes 10 km runs. This not only contributes to the maintenance of his physical well-being but also fortifies his mental resilience and stamina.
  • Passionate Nature Explorer:
    An avid hiker, Pouria Parhizkar finds joy in exploring various trails, thereby cultivating perseverance and refining his problem-solving abilities in the vast expanse of the great outdoors.
  • Proficient Chess Player:
    With a proficiency in chess, Pouria Parhizkar sharpens his strategic and critical thinking skills through the intricacies of the game. His adaptability on the chessboard stands as a testament to his ability to make quick decisions under pressure.
  • Expressive Guitarist:
    Pouria Parhizkar passionately expresses himself through music by skillfully playing the guitar. His commitment to musical pursuits underscores not only his discipline and patience but also his innate creative inclination.
  • Philosophy Enthusiast:
    Delving into philosophical texts during his reading time, Pouria Parhizkar broadens his worldview and fine-tunes his critical thinking skills, showcasing a profound interest in intellectual pursuits.
Road Runner
Nature Hiker
Chess Player
Guitar Player
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